Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Sasha Baron Cohen to take Hong Kong lesbian heiress story and turn it into a comedy.

Price is Right hires first male model. How to get movie and TV sex right.

Wisconsin legislator says “some girls rape easy” and maintains that many rape accusations are false, especially if they result in pregnancy. In related news: Slutwalk Philly announces October 20th for this year’s walk!

GLAAD’s report on LGBT representation on TV in 2012. Republican candidate running ads for marriage equality

Horror movies without sexual violence. Girls’ Halloween costumes throughout a lifetime.

How not to be super blatantly shallow in online dating.

Badass Black Goths.

The history of Wesleyan University’s fraternity that has come to be known as the Rape Factory.

Do you believe reproductive rights are human rights? Help this campaign.

Shocking: free contraception reduces abortion rate. Childfree women are happy with their choice.

100 Barbies in burkas. Feminism without perfection: 50 years of females in Harvard’s MBA program. Hat tip to Greg!

Woman comes up with simple solution to Reddit dudes taking creeper shots and posting them online.

Sahara Davenport of RuPaul’s Drag Race dies of heart failure.

Should we teach tantra to teenagers?

Ways in which females affect male behavior.

Why do fangirls write fiction about Justin Bieber’s death? Whitney Houston’s daughter to marry half brother.

5 reasons being married is awesome.

Birth rates down in the US.

Map of transgender rights, by state. On violence against trans folks.

Female archetypes  and male archetypes that advertising says you’re supposed to find attractive that are really not attractive.

The all-female village in Kenya built by women escaping sexual violence and becoming child brides.

Science finally exploring the taboo world of anal sex.

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