Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Northern Ireland to open first abortion clinic

7 keys to long-term relationship success. Are kids relationship ruiners, what keeps love alive and other findings of neuroscience.

LA Times reviews thousands of incidents of sexual molestation in Boy Scouts that were covered up. When men are raped.

The problem with incest.

Sexism aimed at women is more personal, affects them more deeply than sexism aimed at men.

Teen girls are getting “crustier” as an adaptive strategy. Why girls call each other sluts.

Old school stalking takes on a new form in the digital age, the law has yet to catch up. How to teach kids about consent.

The woman who asked about equal pay at the Presidential debate gets harassed afterwards.

What do straight women and gay men have in common on Halloween? Slutty costumes

Do sexy women really feel better about themselves?

Risk taking and attracting women.

Cats that look like pinup girls.

Sexy and clever safer sex ads.

Badass gender-swapped cosplay.

Straight Christian man pretends to be gay for a year. 16 people who came out on facebook.

Misogyny, chauvanism and sexism. Australian dictionary considering expanding the definition of misogyny to reflect prejudice towards women, not just hatred. Hat tip to Carina!

HPV vaccine does not increase girls’ promiscuity.

The Ally Coalition for folks who are straight (but not narrow) and want to support LGBT rights.

The costs of English-speaking world’s pointless stigma against bared female breasts.Creepshots, revenge porn and how paparazzi culture hurts all women.

Where pro athletes of different sports stand on marriage equality, abortion rights.

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