Sex Links

Friday Sex Links

How to access abortions in places where it’s not legal. “How I lost faith in the pro-life movement.”

Male birth control pill closer: new innovation to prevent sperm from swimming. Tefina: new intranasal treatment for female anorgasmia.

Cee-Lo accused of sexual battery.

a FTM, FTM and cis female rape fantasy porn, plus some philosophizing about it.

Stressed, depressed women are terrible at using birth control.

How IVF affects relationships. Women in long-term relationships lose interest in sex over time.

Halloween is a big week for cops conducting sex offender sweeps and for lockdown of sex offenders. Boy Scouts host closed-door forum on sex abuse.

A feminist defense of Bond girls. Video game industry comes out against sexism.

How romance novels can hurt real life relationships. Things to remember when you’re single.

Women, rape and religion. Why is violence against Black women so funny to some people?

5 sex tips about men for women.

Does Katy Perry “sell sex to children?”

Queensland law would allow landlords to evict sex workers from their homes.

RZA discusses the sex lives of the Wu Tang.

Who DIDN’T mate with Neanderthals? How monkey sex is like human sex.

Hypersexual disorder: a new technical diagnosis for sex addiction is proposed.

Ex-Penn State President faces charges for Sandusky cover-up.

Child sex trafficking in Vegas. Anti-sex trafficking proposal in California is controversial

Ex-gays fight back against claim that orientation can’t be changed. “I don’t want to be this gay”: an unapologetic desire for the gay rights matter to be settled already.

Same-sex marriage likely to pass in Washington state, also up for vote in Maine and Maryland as well. Celebs come out to push for same-sex marriage in Minnesota

Is female infidelity on the rise? Hot female celebs who have come out.

When sex hurts.

Malaysian sex blogger apologizes for “victimless crime.”

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