Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Photos from the world’s largest trans beauty pageant.

James Bond’s sexual exploits by the numbers. Is Skyfall the most feminist Bond movie? Are female spies taking over the world of espionage?

Genital injuries send 16,000 Americans to the ER each year.

The mystery behind the man who was “goatse.”

LA passes law requiring condoms on porn shoots, despite the well-reasoned arguments of people in the industry.

What is a professional cuddler?

How politics influence sexual desire. Same sex marriage success at the ballot in 4 out of 4 states; the future of marriage equality. “Team Rape” lost big in the election. First openly trans* lawmaker elected. Interpol elects first female president.

The Justin Bieber sex doll.

Basic communication skills to work on to improve your relationships.

Can a man self-test for testicular cancer by peeing on a pregnancy test?

10 reasons to be happy that you’re single.

7 teenagers talk about their lesbian moms.

Even doctors are misinformed about IUDs.

When your partner is significantly heavier or thinner than you.

16 Eagle Scouts returning their medals.

“I went to a female masturbation class.” Hat tip to Lee!

First woman: a tumblr all about women who broke through in their industry/sphere. Hat tip to Susie!

Having a gut that protrudes enough that a man can’t see his own penis is a serious sign of health concerns.

Why women’s pre-wedding cold feet matter more than men’s.

Missed connections during Sandy. LGBT youth shelter destroyed by Sandy.

One Ohio woman’s story of a tragic pregnancy that the government called a voluntary abortion.

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