Sex Links

Black Friday Sex Links!

Couple visiting Dubai has sex in taxi, sentenced to 3 months.

What homophobia looks like in France. Pics from a Brazilian gay pride parade. You might be surprised at what Freud said about homosexuality.

A feminist Thanksgiving: things we can be grateful for this year.

Female executives get less helpful feedback.

Transgender visibility timeline.

Is ending AIDS feasible?

Rape culture and child circumcision. Hat tip to Suzanne! “The day I saw 248 girls suffer genital mutilation.” Hat tip to Mike!

Everyday sexual assault. How did we get to be so blasé about this?

Even online sex ed courses can reduce STI rates among teens.

Birth control pills should be over-the-counter, doctors say.

Is Ke$ha’s album the new Feminine Mystique?

Chinese government official brought down by sex tape.

Photo essay: a day in the life of a Danish sex worker. Hat tip to Erica!

Sex does NOT trigger labor, study finds.

Transwoman elected to office in Cuba. Hat tip to Samantha!

New accusations against Elmo’s Kevin Clash.

Is the metrosexual dead?

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