Sex Links


Biggest drop in US abortions in a decade.

10 things you probably didn’t know about the vagina.

How porn became a civil right. Study on porn stars find they have higher self esteem than non-porn folks.

Do you ever think about the one that got away?

Naked AIDS activists arrested in Speaker Boehner’s office.

12 men to be executed in Libya for being gay Young lesbian brutally attacked over Thanksgiving, her family calls it a hate crime, victim claims it was not.

Willow Smith’s hair and a girl’s right to own herself. Sweden’s gender-swapped kids’ toy catalog. Why you should show physical affection to your teens.

Do women prefer skinny dudes over macho men? Hot and busted: A tumblr of hot men’s mugshots.

What is necrophilia about?

Check out these amazing couples’ tattoos. The truth about soulmates.

Improving libido in women.

The video battle continues: lesbians will marry your boyfriends. NYT piece on lesbian Republicans.

How to write a trend piece on gender relations for Fox News; arming yourself for the war on men you didn’t know you were fighting.

 Jessie Nicole on coming out as a sex worker.

9 worst claims based by ‘designer vagina’ website.

How does a man’s smile make women more submissive? The sexism and racism of McCain’s criticisms of Susan Rice.

Slutwalk Hong Kong: Sorry, does my dress make you feel like a rapist today?

Turtles found fossilized mid-sex act. Hat tip to Carina!

Dating sites for fans of Ayn Rand, hippies, and folks who like diapers. The weirdest ways to meet your soulmate.

John McCain tells Republicans to “leave abortion alone.”

Women gamers take to twitter to expose sexism in the industry.

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