Sex Links


gimpPictures of same-sex couples just married in Washington State. A new push to eradicate AIDS by treating the infected.

Harvard has a BDSM club now. Bristol University’s Christian club bans women from speaking at meetings.

Pennsylvania’s first openly gay state rep is a Republican. Supreme Court takes no action on marriage equality cases this week. Slow movement on banning anti-LGBT job discrimination.

Gender Identity Disorder removed from DSM 5. Hat tip to Dana!

50 days of HOT and HEAVY!

New ad campaign to prevent rape puts responsibility on potential rapists, not victims. The hacker prank on Victoria’s Secret’s website to promote CONSENT. Hat tip to Justine!

8 different answers on when women should get married. “Why I never play hard-to-get.” Project to congratulate single people.

You might not think you’d need sex to sell cookies, but they figured it couldn’t hurt. 5 poorly conceived ‘sexy’ charity drives.

toys for kids

Follow only the first 8 recommendations on this list of how to molest-proof your child.

Twice the Brides: a tumblr of lesbian weddings. Hat tip to Todd!

Rick Odell’s photo series of drag queens and their partners.

Treating gum disease may help with erection problems.

Celebrating Black beauty on white women.

Could Ecstasy help survivors of sexual assault? Facts about domestic violence. Melissa Harris-Perry’s letter to a Republican Congressman about rape.

Destructive relationship habits of individuals with Narcissistic or Borderline Personality Disorders. A Field Guide to “Nice Guys.”

The Trevor Project inexplicably gives Katy Perry an award for inspiring LGBTQ youth. Yes, the same Katy Perry who did “UR So Gay” and who sang about how kissing girls is wrong.

31 years of HIV awareness posters. Evolution of AIDS in film.

ask first

The future of 3D printed sex toys.

French men not producing as much sperm.

Lad mag’s demeaning facebook picture prompts fans to be real fucktards.

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