Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

durex delightOn “good victims,” and the limited window of acceptable behavior that we allow survivors.

The gay couple that sued 4 decades ago for the right to marry.

Can the cocaine rush of new love be sustained over decades? What are secure and avoidant attachment styles?

Memories of misogynist trolls. “Fuck you, men’s rights activists!” Hat tip to Hugo!

Internet revolution sparked by feminists’ Victoria’s Secret prank. Hat tip to Heather!

Mariah Carey has sex to her own music, her husband masturbates to it when she’s gone. Amanda Seyfried’s interesting commentary on why she dates actors.

New guidelines to prevent HIV among sex workers.

2012 really wasn’t that great for women in business.

Google makes it a teensy tiny bit harder to find porn.

Women, not understanding fertility, shocked to find conception is harder after 40. What about the male biological clock? Sex after pregnancy.

The latest research on the cause of sexual orientation. Justice Scalia continues to be a jerkwad about gay rights. The University of Iowa wants to know if you’re gay.

s&m barbie

Diagnosis of sex addiction rejected by APA once again; also rejects hebephilia.

The world’s simplest dating app? How to make dating more bearable.

Is red the color of sexual desire?

Human trafficking case in Argentina brings devastating verdict.

4 rules to maintaining a friends-with-benefits situation.

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