Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

superheroWife of female Lt. Colonel not allowed in base club for spouses.

Holiday testicle ornaments for charity.

How pro-anorexia propaganda has shaped both popular culture and porn. The kickstarter project to battle against prejudice against thin, healthy, attractive people.

Serena Williams is not a costume.

Hasbro plans gender-neutral Easy Bake Oven.

Sexy Christmas ads.

Does penis size affect condom usage?

Ohio Teens stand by and take pics and videos as drunk girl is gang raped by high school football players.

Ireland to legalize abortion if mother’s health is at stake.happy fucking

I will always care too much,” the trouble with living in the Irony Age

3-time Olympian outed as sex worker.

New Year’s resolutions for better sex.

Writer blames Newtown, CT shooting on lack of adult penises in the building. Being a feminist in an anti-feminist world. Hat tip to Melissa. The hilarious tumblr “Nice Guys” of OkCupid.

The high cost of motherhood in earnings. Models with babies: is this having it all? “Working at a parenting magainze made me believe mothers are crazy and selfish.”

Calgary mall implements discriminatory anti-hijab policy for stores.

Classic: why most mass killers are white men. Eric Cantor putting politics ahead of prosecuting rape.

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