Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

sleeping on the streetsIn defense of foreskin.

2012: Best and worst moments in sex. Sleaziest ads. Top sex questions. Losses to the field of sexology.

Desire differences with your partner? Find a frequency that works for both of you.

Turkish abortion debate renewed after woman beheads her rapist. The Catholic church’s angry, anti-gay, anti-abortion Christmas letter.

Is empathy sexy? 8 reasons you’re single.

“The time I talked to a rapist and he was such a nice guy.” Japan may reverse apology for wartime sex slaves. Another horrifying gang rape in India provokes demands for action; female scientist blames victim. Half of American female military in Iraq/Afghanistan sexually harassed, a quarter are sexually assaulted.respecting their choices

Oldies but goodies: The master’s tools will not dismantle the master’s house by Audre Lorde;  Navigating love and autism.

How to have sex in any kind of car.

Women perform 66% of the world’s work, produce 50% of the food, own 1% of the property.

The last time North Carolina amended their constitution on marriage was to ban interracial couples. The moral hazards of your government taking the side of gay rights.

Could I be a pedophile? The worst kind of OCD.

The terror of Black American motherhood.

Maryland counties ready to roll out same-sex marriage licenses. Trolley owner ends wedding business rather than cater to same-sex couples.

On employment: The best jobs for women in 2013. Are working moms ever allowed to sleep? Workplace safety for strippers. How to get a job as a phone sex operator.

proud of my bodyWhat do men love about women? New love’s short shelf life. When sex ends at “I Do.”

Hobby Lobby loses appeal to not have to cover contraceptives.

Psychoanalysis of couples grappling with infertility. What you need to know if you’re jonesing to have a baby. What to sexpect when you’re expecting.

Are monogamous relationships really better?

10 landmark cases that protected sexual freedom in America.

“Think more about sex!”

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