Sex Links

Friday Sex Links

roses wiltThe revolution starts at home: confronting intimate partner violence in activist communities.

Member: a photo project featuring a variety of male bodies.

Myers-Brigg type dating field guide. Hat tip to Rudy!

FDA approves first pill to prevent HIV infection.

Butch, please: Butch antiquated.

Maine’s first same-sex marriage.

Engineering toys for girls.

Hactivists post videos of douchey Ohio teens reveling in gang rape after city refuses to step up and prosecute.

Republicans in Action: PA Governor suing to stop NCAA sanctions against Penn State in wake of sex abuse. House GOP blocks Violence Against Women Act. What conservatives taught us about women’s bodies in 2012.

Recent rape awareness ads. Violent protests in India after latest gang rape, six men charged with murder after she committed suicide. The irony of how western media has portrayed the Dehli gang rape. Appeals court reluctantly overturns conviction in rape of woman who initially thought intruder was her boyfriend.

Sales of black market abortion drugs are soaring.

lil daria

Thomas Beatie, the so-called “pregnant man,” divorcing wife; legal drama ensues due to sex change. Kansas man donates sperm to lesbian couple, state goes after him for child support.

Fatshion” bloggers find beauty in all sizes.

Are micro-loan sites only for the light-skinned and conventionally attractive?

Django Unchained and Lincoln suffer from the same woman problem.

Are the pressures of penis size even greater when you’re a Black man?

What reforms has the Catholic church made in the wake of sex abuse scandal?

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