Sex Links

Friday Sex Links

aunt floAnthony Weiner cybersex partner sorry for ruining his life.

What does alcohol do to your sex life?

Lingerie Football League is ditching the lingerie, getting more serious. Hat tip to Daryl! Hommemystere: Lingerie tailored for men.

Tumblr’s girl-on-girl slut shaming. Purity culture is rape culture.

Chad Ochocinco has a sex tape. Most memorable topless scenes in movies. Battle against sexually explicit movies at Iowa prison.

Expectant fathers’ psychological distress may be linked to toddler’s emotional health.

Women break the glass ceiling on…. binge drinking and premature orgasm?

Gayest cities in America.

Imagine a world where sexuality is a normal part of life.

HPV rate remains high because parents won’t vaccinate.comment

Why girls get better grades than boys. Austin considering 3 single-sex schools. Charting academic authorship by gender over the years; gender bias in academia.

Australian mining boom creates demand for sex workers. Conviction of gay men in Cameroon overturned. Literary sex education in Mumbai.

“How I turned my sex life into an exercise routine.” Weight loss company targeting anorexic teens online.

advocateSupreme Court to hear cases on marriage equality in March. California Boy Scout troop challenges national ban on gay members by giving gay scout the top rank of Eagle.

Sexy librarians, hot teachers and other mythic sex objects. Hat tip to Eric!

Porn for women 2012. Florida school admin in hot water for porn tumblr. Sirius XM launches porn channel.

Texas church elects sex offender as new pastor. Sandusky begins appeals process.

“There’s no such thing as a pro-life feminist” Stop paying politicians: see more women win in politics.

Indian politician rapes woman, crowd strips him and beats him. Steubenville, OH police dept unveils website to counter Anonymous about gang rape. Notre Dame’s football team houses 2 alleged rapists. Indian gang rape accused plead not guilty, lawyer claims “respected ladies” don’t get raped.

Tips to avoid being a creep. Hat tip to Emily! Is the Nice GuysTM of OK Cupid harming anyone?

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