Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

raiseFormer madam plans brothel for disabled clients only. Spanish high end sex workers refuse to sleep with bankers until credit lines opened to families in need. Hat tip to Leigh-Anne!

Indian gang rape case: assailants planned to rape and kill, evidence piling up. Rape has become a significant an enduring feature of Syrian civil war. Indonesian Supreme Court candidate says women can “enjoy” rape.

The woman with 8 ft hips.

Notre Dame football player Manti Te’o invents fake girlfriend; fake girlfriend’s death results in more tears than actual Notre Dame victims. The best fake boy/girlfriends in TV and film.

Tips for overcoming shame about receiving oral sex.

Roe v Wade at 4o years.

Teacher loses job for her previous career in porn. Hat tip to Darryl!

BJJ and MMA fighter using rape of his student (by 2 other students) as marketing ploy. Hat tip to Lauren! Temple athlete protected after abusing, threatening girlfriend, school punishes her instead. Hat tip to Johnny! Teachers are among the 50 adults arrested for child sex ring.

Lesbian view of the Golden Globes. 2013 Sundance film festival full of sexually-charged films.

A visual history of the The Bell Jar, on its 50th anniversary.

Cucci LA

Cucci LA

The record-breaking sex lives of barnacles.

The planet where all the gay characters live in the video game Old Republic. Hat tip to Nathan!

OK Cupid launches Crazy Blind Date app. No, fake geek girls are not coming to get you.

Gaslighting, the phenomenon on men making you feel crazy, explained in gifs from Clueless.

Condom law is cramping porn stars’ style and possibly their organs.

Vatican to gay couples: no one has the right to parent. Images from the marriage equality battle in Rhode Island. Nominees for the GLAAD media awards.

Miss America contestant to have double mastectomy.

Beyonce calls out gender pay gap, says equality is a myth. The high price of being single in America.

Teenage panic: how our culture makes teens crazy about sex.


First step in stopping sexual assault at military academies: legalize consensual sex. Males are latest victims in sex crimes by Air Force trainers.

Anti-choice laws lead to treating pregnant women like second class citizens.

Punjabi ratio of females to males is getting better, but still wonky.

Let’s hope this is satire: thank men for women’s lib. Hat tip to Hugo! Verified satire: what if we responded to sexual assault by limiting men’s rights like we do women’s? Hat tip to Tea!

One dad’s ill-fated battle against The Princesses. The tech industry needs women. So does philosophy. Are faculty prejudiced against female scholars? Hat tip to Sam!

Interview with Charlie Glickman: “being poly doesn’t make you more evolved.”

Does Taylor Swift hate other women? Anti-feminist romances end up less than romantic.

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