Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!!

feministSex offenders can’t be barred from Facebook, court finds.

Ratchetness and the Residue of Respectability.

New condom design for easier application, better feel. Hat tip to Erica! Study finds condoms don’t hinder sexual pleasure.

Gays get shout out in inauguration speech. Same-sex kissing protest in Moscow turns violent. Britain considers marriage equality, exemption for churches that oppose. Marriage equality passed in Rhode Island House of Reps.

5 things you may not know about Roe v Wade. Unlike fashion, abortion can’t be labeled. Future of abortion in America. New Mexico lawmaker says pregnancies resulting from rape must be kept as “evidence.”

23 women file lawsuit against revenge porn site.

Mixed-weight couples argue more.

Ban on women in combat is lifted. Key questions about women in the military. Male German soldiers are growing breasts. Russia’s weird plan to keep gays out of the military.oral sex

Violence Against Women Act reintroduced. OB-GYNs suggest women should be screened for “reproductive coercion.”

Sexual assault survivors bullied into staying quiet. Gender and empathy: we need to stop telling men to “imagine if it happened to your wife/mother/daughter.” What legal changes are being recommended in India in light of recent gang rape? Ohio Attorney General wants Steubenville rape trial closed to public to protect victim.

Interesting in dogging (watching other people get it on)? Here is some basic dogging etiquette.

The way you should love someone: choose to love them.

Georgian man sues after being denied “gay” vanity license plate. Why should a straight guy care about transgender rights?

recording9 things for which women have been deemed “too pretty.”  Hat tip to Marissa! Conflating sexual empowerment with sexual objectification.

All the weight I didn’t lose: after surgery to lose weight, do you keep having surgery to fix what remains?

Does porn help or hurt relationships?

LA teacher accused of molesting over 20 kids. Another Catholic church sex abuse cover up revealed: offenders shielded from police. In malpractice suit, Catholic hospital claims 7 month fetus is not a person.

Are women the final barrier before mass murder?

Nepal to issue third gender IDs.

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