Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

vaginasTrain your body because you love it, not because you hate it.

The Japanese holiday where men yell about how much they love their wives. Doing chores might mean more sex for husbands, but only if they do the RIGHT ones, says 20 year old study.

Vote for Dr. Timaree in Mixam’s Hot 100 List.

Rape a minute, thousand corpses a year:” Overlooking violence against women. Indian political party hands out 21,000 knives to women. There might be a way to prosecute the Steubenville “rape crew” for their horrendous video mocking the gang rape.

Bang with Friends app looking to expand. Hat tip to Josh! Is Vine the future of internet sex?

U of Minnesota to host workshop on improving female orgasm. Hat tip to Erica! Most SC schools fail at sex ed.

Florida man accused of fraud for taking wife’s last name.

The Skype ‘sextortionist’ targeted over 350 women. Brazilian woman tries to kill husband with poison in vagina. Spoiler: it doesn’t work.


Study of female directors and action steps for women in film released.

Philadelphians: free Zumba party on V Day to raise awareness of violence against women. Hat tip to Alexis!

Update: Spouses’ Club relents, says lesbian Army wife can be full member. Despite threats from churches, Boy Scouts close to ending ban on gays. How immigration reform is factoring in same-sex couples. Tennesee “don’t say gay” bill is back, now with provision that requires teachers to tell parents if kid is gay.

Why isn’t more being done to prevent child porn? Should sex offenders be banned from running for school board? Rabbi compares child sex abuse to the embarrassment of diarrhea.

Former NFL lineman outed after altercation with ex boyfriend in parking lot gets them both arrested. PornHub’s super duper inoffensive ad refused from Super Bowl.


Downton Abbey SPOILER alert: preeclampsia still kills today.

Authors with the juiciest love lives. Stills from Schwarzenegger sex tape worth $150,000.

The latest information on the HPV vaccine. Safer sex practices among African American women. Condoman is back and with help!

Sex work from an anarcha feminist perspective. Feds crack down on Super Bowl-related sex trade.

Facts about rape in 2012.

A comprehensive list of LGBT terms and definitions. The health benefits of coming out of the closet.

Virginia might finally make it legal for unwed couples to live together.  Texas legislature wants to reward companies that won’t cover contraception.

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