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Bang with Friends

Have you ever wanted to hook up with a buddy but feared the potential awkwardness if the feeling wasn’t mutual and don’t want to wait until you’re both sloppy drunk?

Do you want to remove the possibility of rejection and get fast, enthusiastically consensual string-free sex but don’t wanna pay for it?

Never fear, kids. Three innovative young men hopped up on vodka and Red Bull (natch) were discussing what would make dating sites way better… namely cutting out the dating….and limiting the pool of candidates to folks you already know (you never know: stranger danger and whatnot).bang with friends

And in a couple short hours, they developed an app that has garnered hundreds of thousands of users in a matter of days. Bang with Friends, the result of their ingenuity and the apparent ability to read the minds of a generation, is a Facebook app that lets you pick the friends you’d like to bang and if someone else feels the same about you, notifies you both. If the interest isn’t shared, no one ever knows a thing. No posts to your timeline, no unanswered inbox messages. The only feedback is positive.

With the kind of attention Bang with Friends has garnered, there has a been a steady stream of critique as well. Some argue the whole premise is too heterocentric and that only dudes would be interested in this kind of interaction. Others decry the death of romance and the inherent lack of humanity. Over 50,000 connected couples (so far), on the other hand, might beg to differ.

bang crop I chatted with C (a nom de developer), one of the originators of Bang with Friends, about the app. We discussed its place in a society where hooking up is often the antecedent of relationships, how they plan to become more inclusive and woman-friendly, why they choose to stay anonymous and how they intend to protect your privacy if you join.

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