Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

clementine morrigan Thirstiest men of Instagram: a tumblr that documents desperate comments.

12 rude revelations about sex. Hat tip to Nick! Too much TV= lower sperm count.

Obama proposal to offer stand-alone contraceptive insurance coverage for the employers who object on religious grounds. Now Michigan Republicans want forced transvaginal ultrasounds.

Check out my upcoming workshop on non-monogamy!

Sex positivism and powerful, sexy females in comics.

Kids are going to touch their genitals; let’s not get too freaked out by it.

The homework that could save your marriage. Celebrity husbands who took their wives’ last names. Heavy drinking, incompatible levels of drinking associated with divorce.

10 steps to end rape culture. Hat tip to Melissa! Dudes, your sexist online jokes have real (bad) consequences. Namely, everyone thinks you’re a fucktard. The terrible bargain we have regretfully struck between feminism and misogyny.

I’ll be facilitating an all-female speed dating along with Stimulus promotions. Interested? Every lesbian and bi TV character sorted into Hogwarts houses.

Revamping sex ed in Colorado schools. Brown University insurance to cover gender reassignment surgery.


30 years ago Karen Carpenter died of anorexia. Porn star Arpad Miklos commits suicide.

Pubic hair grooming injuries on the rise. 5 things I didn’t know about my body and when I should have been told the truth.

Study finds that exes who threaten to post naked pics of you will do it. Bullying study finds it DOES get better for LGBT teens.  Study finds, yeah, sex addiction is pretty much BS.

Sex and cancer.

How sex workers keep a work-life balance. 10 relationship mistakes everyone makes. Does online dating help or hurt relationships? A review of Love in the Time of Algorithms.

Beyonce’s Haltime performance and the fruitless politics of respectability. A letter to the teenage boy in the Audio Super Bowl ad.

First ever lingerie line made by a for and by transwomen. Lingerie models who are missing their vulvas. Japanese town demands underwear for replica of Michelangelo’s David.

sti symptoms

UK House of Commons approves  marriage equality. PA still starkly divided on marriage equality. Hat tip to Angie! Despite everybody saying otherwise, there is no perfect age to find a husband.

Four arrested in San Francisco after nudity ban implemented. It just became legal for Parisian women to wear pants.

Read the essay about sex surrogacy that inspired the Oscar-nominated film The Sessions. Hat tip to Alfie!

DIA agents given fashion advice and suggested to wear makeup. Hat tip to AJ! The internal memo that enabled female IBM employees to get married.

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