Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

happy Vday from Darwin.

happy Vday from Darwin.

Things to say during sex: a helpful chart.

A tumblr of white guys being creepy while hitting on Asian women. What Americans can learn from Ghanaian feminists.

Happy couples sleep in the nude. Couples who sweat together will stay together. Why do singles and couples annoy each other?

What’s up with the delayed answer on gays in the Boy Scouts? The long history of discrimination in the Scouts.

Actually, women DON’T talk more than men. Lies people tell to women. Melissa Harris Perry and Gloria Steinem debate in 2008.

US teen births plummet to record low. More women using Morning After PillSexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are an “ongoing epidemic” in the US.

New opera about sex-crazed duchess featuring so many naked actors, they can’t all fit on stage.

What feminism can learn from sex workers.

Male circumcision tied to less pleasure.

Mississippi bill to make sex offenders wear GPS anklet.

Have a Supreme VDay!

Have a Supreme VDay!

The problem with polynormativity. Hat tip to Courtney! Baboons keep try to cover up infidelity. 10 celebrity couples in open relationships.

Male rape survivors feel betrayed at lack of attention to their experience in new documentary on sexual assault in the military. South Africans mourn victim of gang rape- murder. Egyptian women protest sexual assault. Sex slaves unceremoniously dumped back in Nigeria. Who’s the genius who decided anal rape should carry a lighter sentence than vaginal rape?

Teaching my young daughter to love her future body.

Intimacy 2.0 fabric turns transparent as you get aroused. Hat tip to Tara!

The worst of Valentine’s day commercialism.

Smoking and Sex: video on the deleterious effects of tobacco use.

Promiscuity Keepers: sex positive essays. Hackersluts: RSS feeds to follow if you like learning about sex. Onyx: a game of exploration for 2-6 adults. No longer updated but a cool resource: Weekly sex tip.

Why is sex subordinate to violence on TV? Why does media present sexuality as a transaction?

11 year old girl is awesome at football, but Philly archdiocese won’t let her play in boys’ league.

Can travel help your love life? Inconvenient truths about love. Karezza: spice up your love life by not getting off

listen to

French lawmakers pass marriage equality bill. Pentagon extends rights to same-sex couples.

DC launches transgender respect ad campaign.

Fox “news” posts article about the importance of traditional gender roles, doesn’t realize the ‘wedding kiss’ image they use is a same-sex couple.

Buddhist leader accused of decades of sex abuse. LA Catholics want next Pope to address sex abuse scandal. Many churches don’t discuss sex outside of virginity.

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