Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Prosecutor trying to test backlog of rape kits to find justice in old cases. Oscar Pistorious, Reeva Steenkamp and the myth of the sudden snap.butt forever

International soccer star Robbie Rogers retires, comes out of the closet. What has changed for LGBT military partners? More than half of Americans support marriage equality. Germany allows adoption by same-sex couples. AP Stylebook recognizes gay couples as “husbands” and “wives.”

NPR’s RadioLab does an excellent hour on sperm. Who uses Plan B contraception and why? 5 sexual health services that insurance will cover… for men.

UN finds the US authorities lax in following up in Catholic child molestation cases. Too many restrictions on sex offenders or too few? “My dad is a sex offender,” a video conversation.

It wasn’t always a crime: The history of sex work in America. The strange history of corporate sex scandals.

princesses10 tips for the aspiring feminist dominatrix.Survey finds women would give up sex if it would save money.

HIV research in Africa is inexplicably skipping over men who are attracted to men. Beware the super bug: drug-resistant strains of gonorrhea.

The real life surrogate partner who inspired The Sessions. Sex and disability at the movies in 2013.

A father and son have “the yoga pants talk.” Reply: we wear yoga pants because they’re comfortable. Not to give you a boner.”

What counts as cheating to most people? What’s your sex footprint?

6 male stereotypes that movies need to stop making. Hat tip to Melissa! Hey, Academy Awards, did you know three are female directors?

A fake meme about a wife cheating on her soldier husband goes viral. Mom hires strippers for 16 year olds birthday party.

Synthetics in everyday products affect fertility. Texas woman has TWO sets of identical twins in one day. How to have the best pregnancy ever.

Aint no porn star vagina: Large labias need love too! Hat tip to Grant! Americans make breast implants the #2 plastic surgery.

polyamory is wrong

Where are all the middle aged men? Hat tip to Hugo!

Sex on Mars: a dangerous love story.

Why are there so many Missed Connections at Walmart?

How not to be a dick to your fat friends. Hat tip to Jen! Are we eating when we should be getting it on instead?

Nearly half of child soldiers are female. Women’s rights: the longest revolution. Female kicker may break gender barrier in NFL.The gender experiment that shows sexism on Reddit.

Sex ed: what 10 year olds want to know. Sex ed classes are rarer and rarer in Quebec.

Fetish 101. My race is not your fetish.

OB-GYN commits suicide after accusations he secretly filmed patients.

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