Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

scratchColorado may decriminalize adultery.

Pope’s resignation linked to inquiry into gay officials. Christian school fires teacher for being unwed and pregnant, tries to hire her fiance for the spot.

Smallpox spread through sex?

Sexist things and general banality that happened at the Oscars. Why it matters. Two decades of breathtakingly sexist writing about Tomb Raider. Why is the word Cunt so offensive?

New drug approved to help with painful intercourse.

Is television finally getting smart about teenagers and sex?

Obama says Supreme Court should overturn DOMA. Gay Americans pay more taxes and for fewer rights. How to manage taxes when federal and state laws towards your marriage are different.

Woman, nearly killed by date, sues dating site. Sophomore at UNC faces expulsion for speaking out about sexual assault. UK cops pressure women to drop sexual assault charges. Violence Against Women Act passes Senate, heads to Obama.

Can we thank fracking for North Dakota’s low teen pregnancy rates?vulva mary

“Hot Gym Guy” and the practice of nicknaming people you’re interested in.

Swimming in sperm and eggs: what we know about coral sex.

Martha Grahamcracker invited to speak to kids, then uninvited for being inappropriate.

Can you be too beautiful? Bad first-time sex can lead to future awkwardness.

Is Taylor Swift the worst ex girlfriend ever? In defense of Taylor Swift.

Mostly joking: Questions you should answer before you get married.

What if men started apologizing like women do? Why are Women’s pages turning into Style sections? Hilarious I’mNotAMisandristBut tumblr upturns sexist clichés.

Yahoo CEO (and working mother) enrages working parents by ending telecommute. Moms stage breastfeeding sit in at mall that had banned the practice.

More sex partners linked to addiction, alcoholism? Breast cancer more aggressive in young women.

falling in love

Your kink is not my kink but I actually do judge your kink: murder suspects had sex on top of corpses.

Race and sexuality: reimagining Black Cool. Protecting white kids from history.

Women don’t talk more than men, why do people keep saying that? Why you should be sad 30 Rock ended. Christmas Abbott breaking gender barriers in NASCAR pit crews. Sex discrimination by mortgage lenders?

Porn star proportions.

Third gender politicians campaign in Pakistan. Very few trans politicians in America. Boston frat raises money for transgender brother’s top surgery. Colorado trans girl not allowed to use school bathroom.

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