Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

fall asleep12 signs you need to get laid.

Products that make male the default. Women vs people. How racism and sexism hurt the economy. Why is there a gender gap in bicycling?

High heels and class distinctions. How men’s magazines sell masculinity to low-income males. How media presents dads as useless.

The virginity of this Brazilian sex doll can be yours for only $105k.

What not to say to someone after a miscarriage.

Lisa Ling’s Our America episode on poly people.

Suck it: on sexualized insults. Provocative anti-street harassment posters.

Which religions have the most premarital sex? New ad campaign shames teen moms.

Why straight men should come out of the closet. It’s tooooo easy to parody anti-marriage equality ads. 90’s movies that gay kids love.

British review of NYC Cinekink festival is a superb summation of America’s schizophrenic attitudes towards sex.leviticusthegay

Did the internet kill Girls Gone Wild? Is interracial the last taboo for porn stars?

Sexy plus size swimsuits.

Photos from 1913 suffragette rally. Ruth Bader Ginsburg long and storied career of fighting for equal rights.

Best dating and relationship blogs for African Americans.

What sex can teach us about our energy future.

On choosing the soundtrack to your makeout sessions.

Getting it on: treatment for cluster headaches and migraines.

Arkansas enacts toughest abortion laws in the country. Federal judge strikes down Idaho’s ‘fetal pain’ bill.

keep calmWhat does ambiguity about chore delegation do to a marriage? How to keep the fire burning and get out sexual ruts.

Baby is cured of HIV.

Ohio group demands charges for failure to report crime related to Steubenville rape case. Catholic abuse survivors issue list of Papal candidates involved in clergy sex abuse scandal.

Ashley Judd talks sexual assault and gender violence; why are people freaking that she’s been naked in movies? “Don’t blame the victim… or the photographer.”

Lawmaker compares MMA to child porn.

Charity teaches sex ed to disabled youth.

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