Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

tumblr_mjbsi2reXn1qz6f9yo1_500 (1)The new pope is old school on contraception, marriage equality and women.

Why the EU’s proposed ban on porn is bad for women. Porn search terms by state and country. Porn stars with and without makeup.

Can rape be stopped? Woman dials 911, responding cop rapes her.

More moms want fulltime work. How universal preschool would be an economic boon for working moms.

The legal state of sex work in Canada.

Why do flexible gender expressions freak people out? Hat tip to Erica!

What happened to love scenes in movies?

Why are some folks turned on by feet?

Dad hacks Donkey Kong so daughter can play as female protagonist, result is awesome. Hat tip to Nick!

Chart: countries where women have the best lives. Fox affiliate zooms in on boobs for story on Women’s Day.

The need for contraception is growing wider than its availability. Why don’t the characters on Girls use condoms? Why James Bond needs to use condoms.

birth control

Girls see plenty of introverted heroines, and Boys need to see more introverted characters.

Does circumcision hurt sexual pleasure? “How a penis-numbing spray nearly ruined my life.”

The ultimate game for keeping the spark alive in a relationship. Are pickup artists more successful on sunny days?

Women over 50 enjoy as much sex as women in 20s. Sex Champions to teach positive sexuality to older English adults.

sexy now

Everything Carrie ever wondered on Sex and the City.  8 best songs about butts.

VAWA sheds light on intimate partner violence in lesbian and gay couples.

Latest in teledildonics.

Minnesota testimony against gay rights includes statement that vaginas include barrier to HIV. Uh, OK, guy.

Bang with Friends at South by Southwest.

Colorado OKs civil unions. Odawa Indian tribe approves same-sex marriage. Supreme Court to decide fate of marriage equality in US.

Meet the Germans who are having sex to save the world.

Separating misogyny and Islam. Racism in the queer community.

Senate considers reforming process for military sex-assault investigations and prosecution.

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