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Friday Sex Links!

Heads up, Sex with Timaree fans: I’ll be teaching a workshop on Troubleshooting Your Sex Life Saturday March 23rd at Sexploratorium in South Philly! You should join for an epic adventure into learning how to triage sex issues and more effectively make your reality match your ideal!

one more time

North Dakota legislature to ban abortion after 6 weeks? How common is abortion in China?

How a “big dongle” joke at a tech conference resulted two people losing their jobs. Why we must liberate Jon Hamm’s penis from the confines of AMC’s prudery.

Brilliant new campaign against gay conversion therapy in Tel-Aviv.

Some of today’s seriously gorgeous plus-size models. What losing 180 pounds really means for your life and self esteem. Hat tip to Nili!

Steubenville players found guilty of rape; 16 more minors face charges.  Why does CNN seem to be taking the rapists’ side? Tweets from people who blame the victim. Why would teenage girls send threatening messages to the Steubenville rape survivor? Was that rape on the last episode of Girls? 5 confess to gang rape of Swiss tourist in India.

“A letter to my sons about stopping rape.”  Ways we can teach our boys not to rape. Hat tip to Kristy! Henry Rollins’ super good commentary on moving forward includes real sex ed. Hat tip to Isaiah! Meet the Predators: no, really, who are rapists? How we must address toxic ideas of masculinity to end an epidemic of rape. Absence of ‘no’ is not the same as a ‘yes.’ In fact, “humiliation was the point of the exercise.”stalker

Social media dating etiquette. Netflix adultery: the small, most insidious betrayal.

Things that will change as marriage becomes less the norm.

Bisexuality is not binary. Rules from a 1950s gay bar.

Auntie’s fellatio secrets video is amazing.

The “Dirty Girls” 17 years later. Femen’s topless feminist activism.

Heads up: people with disabilities fuck.

Rainbow Equality House moves in across the street from Westboro Baptist Church.

Dude livetweets ER visit after getting vibrator stuck in his ass. Hat tip to Chris!

AJ Abualrub by Milan Vukmirovic

You know about the Bechdel test, what about the Racial Bechdel and Queer Bechdel?

Do male celebrities get a hall pass? Is Spring Breakers the perviest movie ever made?

Teaching consent to kids ages 1-21. Hat tip to Melissa!

Kansas law that would require doctors to say abortion is linked to breast cancer, even though it isn’t at all.

Voice of Elmo hit with another underage sex lawsuit.

Is the marriage fight over for Republicans? Rob Portman, gay marriage and the politics of selfishness.

What happens when you defund Planned Parenthood.

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman might be getting back together.

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