Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

gabi equalityDo liberals or conservatives have better gaydar? The county where no one is gay.

Bill Gates offers $100k to make condoms better.

Which states are “winning” the Anti-Choice March Madness? What could the Dakotas possibly do to hate women even more?

Many possible outcomes from the Supreme Court hearing DOMA and Prop 8 this week. Coverage of Prop 8 and DOMA at SCOTUS. “When did it become unconstitutional to exclude homosexual couples from marriage?” asks Scalia. Well, I’ll tell you. “I’m not against marriage equality, I’m against marriage.” H/t to Evi!  When Jet covered a lesbian wedding in 1970.

In support of Facebook’s sea of red this week. Why does the trans community hate the HRC? H/t to Qui! The best signs at the protest in DC. The surprising blue collar shift in marriage equality support.consent

Body-shaming sex products. A letter to Victoria’s Secret from a father. VS to sell thongs to pre-teens with flirty phrases on the crotch. Jon Hamm doesn’t like all the talk about His Situation.

Should you follow your head  or your heart?

Farting in love?

Boston College threatens students for distributing condoms.

What is sexual citizenship?

Women, if you really want to ‘lean in,’ marry a woman. Women still contribute more unpaid labor to family. Snooki: feminist mom?

Dubious and messed up tabloid guides to eating disorders. How overweight people are portrayed in advertising.

Songs to get you through a breakup. Top 10 lesbian movie clichés.

mawwaiageBicycles: making good girls go bad since the 1800s.

Secret Service to have first female director.

Beards keep you healthy and handsome.

LGBT undocumented: by the numbers. Arizona law shields businesses who won’t let trans folk use their bathroom of choice.

Tiss and Sass: all things sex work.

Lululemon, see-through yoga pants and women who wear thongs to exercise.

Rick Ross lyrics promote rape, people are understandably mad, label stays silent. What pro sports can do to help stop rape. The low-lights of the coverage of Steubenville. Ford of India needs to fire whoever came up with the ad campaign that glorifies kidnapping women.

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