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Katie Bicknell Wants You To Know Your Cervical Fluids

When you’re contemplating birth control, you might think that the choices are somewhat limited. And they are: you can mess with your hormones, put foreign objects into/on your body and drop a fair amount of money in the process. And nearly every option has side effects, ranging from the annoying (arguably less sensation!) to the dangerous (cancer risk?).

What if there were something that was absolutely free, didn’t put anything unnatural into your body and was controlled completely by you?

And if that same option could be used when you decided you WANTED to get pregnant?katie bicknell

Katie Bicknell is a Cervical Fluids Evangelist, although I doubt she has referred to herself that way. Her message is a combination of female empowerment, hard science and nerding out  over cool graphics of data.

She wants women to know their bodies in an intimate way and is here to share the good news of the many benefits you can yield from forging a relationship with your vagina.

Learn more about Katie’s adventure and what her blog and new app, Kindara, can do for you. See more about it below the jump!

Listen to the interview here or on iTunes, where you can subscribe and get all the episodes even sooner!

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