Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

eve ensler

Greetings, y’all. Enjoy the best bits from the week. And I hope to see you at Non-monogamy: history and practice workshop April 14th at Sexploratorium.

Princeton grad mom tells females to grab a husband before graduating.

Freddie Mercury snuck Princess Diana into a gay bar dressed in drag. “Jon Hamm needs to stop dressing like a total slut.” Queer history: Gladys Bentley, the Bulldagger who sang the blues.

Game of Thrones sex-o-graphic. Tyler Perry has a rape problem.

Female tourists avoiding India after gang rapes. ‘Party of evil’ gang rapes in Brazil.

Teen sues T.G.I.Friday’s after she is raped by employee who was registered sex offender. Student Body President of Riverside City College is registered sex offender.

Fully dressed superheroines? H/t to Jesse! Harvard students petition to have Tyga removed from concert lineup for misogynist lyrics.

April fools? Legislator warns against same-sex marriage being used fraudulently by straight people who want benefits.

Sex ed should be required for writers. Do teenagers know porn isn’t real?

Newsweek’s Women of Impact.

Politicians who come back after sex scandals.

Washington state may require insurers to cover abortion. VA Republican says anti-sodomy laws should stay on the books.

Young teens are having less sex than the media makes us suspect. But 1 in 5 teen births are repeats.

Rising number of divorces blamed on women’s drinking. Want a happy marriage? Audit your fights.

When being HIV positive was a crime. Huge step towards HIV vaccine?retro vision

To help the economy, dads need to start taking paternity leave. Wall Street Journal gets a D in feminism. Portrayals of women in fitness.

What is the average human vagina? H/t to Erica! Quantifying phone sex.

Male bats perform cunnilingus on female bats.

What is the science on same-sex marriage? Senate Republicans starting to back marriage equality. Did TV change everyone’s mind on gays and marriage? Homophobia alive and well in Manitoba, where small shop shuts down due to hate.

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