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Francisco Ramirez is a Sex Ed Super Hero

It doesn’t get more legit than Francisco Ramirez.

This is a guy so accomplished and passionate about sexual health that he kept his volunteer activism a secret from his co-workers and family… until the publicity his works garnered forced him to “come out.”francisco 2

From shaping UN policy on HIV to co-hosting an MTV show with THE Dan Savage, developing a sex ed mobile app and (my personal favorite) giving out free sex advice to total strangers in New York, Francisco‘s…. well, he’s just killin it.

We chatted about the weirdest things strangers have asked him, how to do sex ed when the demos for your audience might be anywhere from 11 to 24, who should be giving “The Talk” to Sasha and Malia Obama and why it’s not a Talk at all, but a lifelong process of being a person.

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One thought on “Francisco Ramirez is a Sex Ed Super Hero

  1. I agree with how “talking” about sex should just be apart of being a person. I think we always approach it as something we have to deal with or assume that it will be uncomfortable. I’ve had an experience where I definitely learned my experience in being honest with yourself and being open to have the conversation, check it out: In any case, great insight and look forward to hearing more!

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