Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!


Check out my workshop this Sunday on non-monogamy. It’s gonna be super rad.

Judge orders FDA to allow over-the-counter Plan B to all ages. Study finds IUDs are safe and effective for teens.

Two more babies contract herpes during bris in New York.

Discussions of female candidates appearance (positive or negative) hurt her electability. You can’t tell an Attorney General she has a great ass, but here’s what you can do. H/t to Kristy!

Semen cocktails are now a thing.

60% of girls have quit a sport because of insecurities about their looks. H/t to Jackie! The 5 kinds of flesh-obsessed articles you will see this spring.

Should attacks on sex workers be considered hate crimes?

Kansas law will declare life begins at fertilization. H/t to Erica! States where women are treated as second class citizens. Arkansas to axe funding for Planned Parenthood, sex ed.

Good news: Online sex ed works.

Big Business fights AIDS in Africa.

Pictures of Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons kissing. H/t to Paul!Alif Laam Meem

Canadian teen gang raped and then relentlessly bullied until she committed suicide. Anonymous threatens to expose alleged attackers. Another teen girl hangs self after gang rape.

Death of the celebrity sex tape. Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham does sex tape with porn star James Deen.. wait, isn’t that just a porn?

What happened to all the sleazy clubs in NYC? Teen girls on trial for running sex ring. H/t to Ryan!

Man escorted from hospital in cuffs for refusing to leave partner’s side when family requested. Hey! It’s no longer illegal to have gay sex in Montana!

Does penis size affect attractiveness? Hip surgery for better sex?

Eco-sex activists who want to save the world. How many people would fuck a robot?

Things you should never say to a long term partner. Intimacy after 6 decades of marriage.

heroLessons in social media after Dehli gang rape case. H/t to Tara!

A feminist reading of Betty Draper. Askmen talks to our own Arden Leigh about female Pick Up Artists.

Explaining parent absence to kids.

Drugs and rape in a New Orleans prison.

MTV True Life chronicles a man who transitions to being a woman and then back again.  “My so-called Post-Feminist life in art and letters.”

Margaret Thatcher’s legacy on gay rights. Would this headline ever exist for a male politician? Geri Halliwell (of the Spice Girls) tweets about Thatcher’s “girl power” inspiration, gets berated, takes it down.

3 Democratic hold-outs on marriage equality. Same-sex marriage legal in Uraguay!

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