Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

not a sketchPros and cons of going bra-less. H/t to Melanie!

Rick Ross issues an actual apology for his rape-y lyrics…. after losing some endorsements. An ordinary girl’s history of sexual assault. Anonymous issues warning to Nova Scotia police to take steps against the rapists of Rehtaeh Parsons.

Are you Bro-choice?

Sex ed banned in buildings owned by Catholic church. H/t to Orange! Abstinence speaker tells kids if they use contraception their moms will hate them. H/t to Matt! Awesome student fights principal to prevent abstinence-only speaker coming to school.

Does yoga boost sex drive?

First ever uterus-transplant recipient might be pregnant. French breast-implant swindle!

Sex workers help disabled clients live out dreams. Former escort turned “infidelity counselor” gives cheated-on wives bad advice.

Jeanette Rankin, the first woman elected to Congress- BEFORE the 19th Amendment.

Woman on trial for cutting off husband’s penis, putting it in garbage disposal.

sit in salt

Intro to BDSM temperature play. Ya know, candle wax and whatnot. Rules for a dominant.

The OKCupid inbox of every 23 year old girl. 6 sexist things that females say.

Porn star Stoya on the pitfalls of heteronormativity and monogamy. Older sister nervous about sibling’s polyamorous relationship, gets calmed the hell down.

The perfect figure in 1931 Hollywood. Icelandic phone app to prevent incest in hook ups. Planned Parenthood app to help you figure out if you need to be tested.

Know your IX: help fund a project to educate students on their rights under Title IX. New study finds 99.4% of rape allegations are true. Sexual assault survivors tell their stories: are people listening?

Why do some people believe feminists hate men? H/t to Melissa!

Disney sells “be a hero shirts” in boys style, but “I need a hero” shirts in girl style. Republican (shocker!) lawmaker refers to women as “vagina’s.” Yes, even the unnecessary apostrophe and everything.

6 year olds understand transgender issues better than most adults. Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace on her first year as a woman. DC introduces first transgender character into mainstream comics. H/t to Pat!


The case of the gay husband being kicked out of the hospital because his partner’s family wanted him gone is even worse than initially reported. After 19 years, high school teacher fired for being gay after partner’s name appears in mom’s obit. Star of the “ex-gay” movement renounces it, tries to make it up to LGBT folks for the messed up stuff they did. H/t to Lydia!

As abortion gets harder to legally obtain, will maternal death rates rise? There was no cover up of the Kermit Gosnell case. Anti-abortion activists were outside his clinic for 20 years, why did they never hear about the horrors allegedly inside? From Roe to Gosnell: the case for regime change.

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