Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

have a gay dayWhen satire is good, it’s really hard to discern. Hence this piece about the Boy Scouts. Oh, wait. It’s real?

France legalizes same-sex marriage.Philly city council passes nation’s first LGBT equality bill. 5 attributes of trans allies. H/t to Isaiah!

Sex education: what if it were math?

Another HIV vaccine study fails.

Responses to the shit men say in defense of street harassment. H/t to Kitty! School principal discouraged girl from reporting rape to protect star basketball player’s career. How gamers can help stop sexual violence.

10 facts about women’s porn-watching habits. The Killer Wore Leather: A highly acclaimed new S/M murder-mystery thriller.

23 things you can learn from a breakup

Charlieboy: clothing line for tomboys.

How to love a “crazy girl”come at  me bro

Woman with hypothyroidism captures images of the people who mock her body. Thinspo is a grotesque exaggeration of the culture in which it exists.

That horrible Kansas anti-abortion bill including falsely linking abortion to breast cancer signed by stupid Governor Brownback. Former Romney intern charged with stealing nude images of women and then trying to blackmail them.

Deadly meningitis outbreak among gay men in NYC. Advice for a gay man who dislikes anal sex.

The problem of women trafficking other women is getting worse.

Margaret Cho’s chapter from a book of women writers on bypassing motherhood.Kilts and sperm count.

How different countries approach “pixie sex” and animated images of child porn.

Durex’s new long-distance touch underwear.

feminist corgiCommon embarrassing sex questions.

Should a radical feminism conference safe space be exclusively for female-bodied people?

Do you know the real story behind Wonder Woman?The 75th anniversary of the groundbreaking character Lois Lane.

Leading men age, but their on-screen love interests do not. H/t to Hugo! China’s “Leftover Women” fight bullshit with humor.

How not to be a slut.

Using the proper vocab for genitals empowers kids.

The art of gagging.

2nd man arrested for abducting, raping and attempting to kill 5 year old in India, protests erupt over police handling when she was first reported missing.

Pedestrian polyamory.

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