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May is Masturbation Month, Y’all!

This morning was going to be the one morning this week where I got to sleep in, lay around in bed and maybe even relax… by myself.

But in a swirl of irony, I got this message:

nopeSee, I had posted it last night (April 30th) cause A) it was better than this:

mayand B) because it’s relevant to May being Masturbation Month.

may has cum

Lots of awesome events take place this month because we need to raise awareness about this surprisingly taboo behavior that is completely safe, entirely free, and a perfectly healthy way to celebrate the pleasure your body gives you.

There’s nothing about masturbation that hurts other people. As long as you enjoy your body in privacy, there’s nothing for anyone else to say about it, be offended by or even contemplate.

Why would anyone tell you that you can’t do it? Because if someone can control how and when you use your body, how and when you receive pleasure, there is literally nothing that can’t be controlled about you. And that’s a pretty basic building block of all the social control mechanisms: to convince you to give up power over your OWN BODY.

Many totally acceptable social messages include suggestions to pollute your body with toxins (alcohol, drugs legal and otherwise), starve yourself, rip the hairs from your body to be more attractive and otherwise fight nature to be more palatable.

So be a radical human and be kind to yourself. And if, in the course of your day, you find some time all alone (or with a lover!) and want to quench some skin hunger, celebrate the beauty of your body and the magic of how awesome it can make you feel, then, by all means. You’re in charge of you.

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