Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

69 doorAwesome reactions to NBA player Jason Collins coming out. “He’s the envy of straight men everywhere” H/t to Rudy! Why did ESPN put a known homophobe on air to talk about Collins? Female athletes come out and the world shrugs. “Yes, I really am bisexual. Deal with it.” H/t to Jackie!

Rapper Danny Brown gets head while performing, keeps rapping. Kitty Pryde reacts, points out gender double-standard. H/t to Melanie!

Lack of sleep may harm sperm.

Philly’s first masturbathon. Upcoming Ladyfest schedule is up!

Ads are still really crappy at portraying women and men. H/t to Ben! UK chain store Boots removes gender labels over toys after outcry.cosmarxpolitan

Sex frequency: would you rather be normal or happy?

Anti-choicers: the ultimate nosy neighbors. Michigan parents think Diary of Anne Frank is too pornographic to be taught to kids.

Do trans* people work out?

Oklahoma has been called the “worst state for women.”

ABC Family’s new show on an interracial lesbian family and the kids they foster. H/t to Lauren!

13 mistakes to avoid your first night at the lesbian bar.

Is it necessary to do pelvic exams? How evolution continues to shape pregnancy.

FDA moving Plan B to over the counter for people over 15. But Obama administration plans to appeal it.

like a monthDubai bus driver attempts to rape passenger, she kicks his ass.

Saudi anti-domestic violence campaign. As gender equality rises, so does Uganda’s divorce rate. Egyptian women being harassed and assaulted in Tahir Square at alarming rate.

What if Disney villains could be sexy too? A feminist and historical critique of Disney’s Mulan.

Things you forget when you’re single.

“The thing I really love about my body: my rolls.” Fat sex: what everyone is afraid to ask.

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