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Making Better Men: An Interview with Full 1mpact

Y’all get to hear me interview folks all the time, but this week’s gonna be all pineapple upside-down.

Recently I was interviewed for Full 1mpact, an organization based out California that helps men to be better… in every way. Sometimes the lesson is on throwing a punch, other times it’s how to attract women.ring

This time they tapped me for my advice.

Frankly, it’s good shit.

Here’s an exerpt:

Full 1mpact: In a recent seminar entitled, “The Man Myths,” we discussed what seems to be the degeneration of the male character in the last several decades. According to the 2011 US Department of Census, nearly 43% of children live without their father. What effect do you believe this has on kids, and more specifically boys and men?

Dr. Timaree: I think that it’s entirely possible for a young person, and a young man specifically, to be raised entirely by females and come out a completely functional, strong-of-character human being. That needs to be said.

However, I think that young men need to be disabused of the notion that their impact as a parent is somehow lesser. Because I also think a child can be raised entirely by males and still be a perfect adjusted human. Parenting is not a gendered activity. Nor is it an easy one. Males need to be reminded of their POWER as fathers, of the potential that parenting offers them, and the pride that can come from being a man who is strong, reliable and nurturing. Males get a lot of messages about how they can demonstrate power and influence. Let’s deconstruct those messages and see which ones are real and have lasting, long-term impact and which are just a superficial façade for the now.

Full 1mpact: What is a common mistake most men make that they often overlook?

Dr. Timaree: In approaching women? I’d say there are some men who don’t take the time to learn how to read social cues. If someone consistently says they’re getting “friend-zoned” or something of that nature, it usually means a)they have a mistaken sense of entitlement that kindness towards women merits getting sex in return and b) they are not very skilled at reading facial/non-verbal shows of attraction.

This is a learned skill, cultivated through years of active effort to be aware of what everyone around you is feeling. And it’s not just some code like “she touched my arm, that is a sign of attraction.” It’s really trying to tap into the experience of another person so you can either get on their wave-length or get them on yours. It’s helpful in business, it’s helpful in social interactions, it’s definitely useful in dating. But, for some reason, it’s often undervalued.

To read the rest of the interview, follow this link. For more Full 1mpact: check them out on facebook and their upcoming events.

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