Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!


Elizabeth Smart speaks out on trafficking, cites abstinence-only ed for shaming rape victims. 3 women freed from kidnapper’s house in Ohio after nearly a decade.

Delaware becomes 11th state to legalize same-sex marriage. An open letter to LGBT students at Christian colleges. H/t to Landi!

Gender disparity and abandonment of partners with serious illness. Crazy ex girlfriends: what it means to talk about gender and mental health. National institute of Mental Health doesn’t support the upcoming DSM-V.

Yep, it’s International Clitoris Week! Man with world’s largest penis made a music video about it. The power of menstruation.

Adult baby fetishists actually on the cutting edge of pediatric health practice.

Ducky DooLittle’s bigger, better orgasm tour. The orgasm gap: the reasons women get off less than men are more sociology than biology.

Porn just got its own academic journal. Did you miss the Feminist Porn Awards 2013?

Why is contraception more expensive in lower income neighborhoods? A NC law would mandate notarized parental approval before teens can seek STI tests, contraceptive counseling, etc. H/t to Geremea and Paul! Abortion assistance blog is full of resources for all types of folks. At what age should sex ed begin: a conversation.

panties watercolor

Trans* high schooler will be allowed to wear boys graduation gown (why is that a thing?) but will still be called by female name.  How slut shaming has been written into school dress codes.

Does virginity matter anymore?

Flappers and burlesque helped women’s liberation. H/t to Lobstar! Why atheism should care about social justice.

The first condom specifically designed for anal sex. Abercrombie CEO explains why we should all not shop there.

Wolfgram Alpha studies facebook demographics, relationship patterns. Muslim women’s art showcased. Easy, bulletpointed list for Nice Guys.


San Franciso airport won’t be renamed after Harvey Milk. Margaret Cho on why it’s OK she outs gay celebs in her act.

Impressions: a photo project of the lines left by articles that women wear because they think they are supposed to. No more nice girls. Documentary on sexism in gaming is fully funded. H/t to Michael! Meet the 17 year old girl who won the national coding competition.

Pentagon report shows alarming rise in sexual assault. Air Force sexual abuse prevention officer charged with sexual battery.

Onion article on Chris Brown raises a stink, here’s why it needed to be written. Meet the NRA convention vendor who sells a scantily clad female mannequin called “The Ex” for target practice. Merck sued for $100 million for sex discrimination.

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