Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

no exitHow to fight back against revenge porn. What does sexual coercion say about a society?

Mentally disabled married couple fights for right to room together at group home.

Is the hijab worth fighting over?

Is sex still sexy?

Questions to ask before you get married. Questions to ask before you seek divorce.

Heroine of Disney’s Brave gets sexified makeover. Then unsexified, after backlash.

Sacramento doctor in trouble for suggesting patient try oral sex to improve her gag reflex.

Human Rights Watch calls for sex work to be decriminalized. LinkedIn won’t let sex workers use their site, even if it’s legal where they work.bisexual guy

Marriage equality comes to Minnesota. The economic effects of extending marriage equality. Why the cheating lesbian story arc on Grey’s Anatomy matters. H/t to Guilia!

Angelina Jolie’s pre-emptive double mastectomy.

Mayor of Osaka claims WWII sex slaves were “necessary.”  Italian former Prime Minister faces prison on sex charges.

Judgy list: Celebs who have done weird sex acts onscreen. The ethics of extreme porn.

Victorian misogyny is present in all cultures emphasizing female purity.

Bradley Manning named San Francisco LGBT Pride Grand Marshall, then  they takesies backies.


Why must late night network TV be so white and male? All the gay TV shows just got cancelled.

Why does Anonymous, a mostly male group, go vigilante on infamous rape cases? Cosplay, consent and complacency. H/t to Micah! Denver women’s prison has highest sexual assault rate in nation.

Abortion stigma created Gosnell. Why do so many people misunderstand his case?

From plastic surgery to gender reassignment: searching for the perfect body. SC couple sues over adopted intersex child’s sex reassignment surgery.

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