Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

obsceneIn NYC going topless is not illegal for women.

Sexy documentaries for and about disabled folks. Do prosthetic legs make Aimee Mullins hotter?

Man charged with tricking girlfriend into taking abortion pill. Two VA women charged with using herbs to induce abortion.

Jose Canseco tweets about being suspect in rape case.

Illinois may require sex ed classes to discuss contraceptives.

Remember that Dove ad about how you’re more beautiful than you think? Yeah, you’re not.

Fighting sexism with office pranks. Why aren’t more women out-earning their husbands? The fake feminism of the Susan B Anthony List.

Why are romantic comedies so bad? Satire: why do men keep putting me in the girlfriend zone? Three female artists who shaped the pin-up aesthetic. H/t to Nikki!hugs

Is there such thing as HIV-negative AIDS? Canada will let men donate blood if they haven’t had sex with a man in 5 years.

The rise of the penis piñata. H/t to Erica! Geekadelphia’s Geek of the Week is Erin Filson of Hollaback Philly!

Americans think cheating on your spouse is one of the worst things you can do. H/t to Hugo!

Open letter to Facebook to take violence against women as seriously as it takes nudity and breastfeeding. H/t to Paul & Irene! Abercrombie & Fitch ads reimagined to include a fat model. Why won’t Victoria’s Secret be making bras for breast cancer survivors? US urges Japan to adopt laws against sex discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Scholars of kink. H/t to Tim! New Nymphomaniac movie will feature porn star body doubles for explicit scenes.

homoaffectivityWhy are teenage boys posting rapes to social media? 18 year old girl kicked off team, arrested and expelled for dating a fellow student- cause she’s female.

Salt Lake City is the gay parenting capital of the US? Harvey Milk Day celebrated May 22nd in San Francisco! Peace Corps will now accept applications from same-sex couples. Boy Scout leader fired for coming out– all caught on tape.

Brad Pitt breaks silence on marriage to Jen Aniston and says he and Angelina won’t film sex scenes with other people.

Anti-gay hate crimes spike in NYC. Wacky homophobic remarks from UK politicians.

Virginia Repubs nominate for Attorney General a man who tried to make it illegal if a woman didn’t report a miscarriage.

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