Friday Sex Links!

contraceptionHow to photograph a same-sex wedding. How gay married couples get shortchanged. An infographic on LGBT workplace discrimination.

The US State Department’s sex scandal. Army admits it might have a bigger problem with sexual assault than previously admitted. College campuses are really, super duper bad at handling sexual assault.

What if maintaining desire isn’t a goal of your marriage?

The top 20 sex diaries of all time.

Porn star does naked shoot at old high school to get back at them for bullying. H/t to Clayton!

Get your tickets for Intro to Role Play at Kink!

Why is gay porn so popular in Pakistan?glamour mag

Why don’t women narrate movie trailers? H/t to Rachel!

Cosplayers pissed that photog used their images on body pillows without consent. New tumblr: cats against catcalling. H/t to Reggie & Shannon!

New research on the science of female desire and what that has to do with Playboy. The latest science on breastfeeding, duration of sex and other sex trivia. What being editor in chief of Playgirl taught me about female desire. H/t to Grant!

6 weird facts about nipples!

milhouseFeds to comply with judicial ruling about Plan B availability for girls of all ages… well, kind of. Is “forced fatherhood” a thing?

High end UK department store ends all airbrushing, says it has a moral obligation.

Facebook censors images from mastectomy awareness project because nudity=bad; then promises to stop.

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. It’s Not Just Akin: Republicans gaffes reveal real views on women. Maine Repub leader says having “man’s brain” makes him better at handling money.

Man kills sex worker, gets away with it because Texas. H/t to Melanie!

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