An Interview with Whoremom

Tanaha Koontz is unfit to have custody of her children.

She hasn’t been accused of abuse or neglect (although her children’s father has), but her crime is much, much worse. She, in the past, was a sex worker.

Uh…. what?

The above argument is the opinion of the Florida family court who decided the man who beat Tanaha was a better parental figure than she is, purely on the basis of her previous career.tanaha

And she’s not alone. Across the country, sex workers face discrimination in the legal system, dodge harassment from police, and are unable to seek help when victimized. Treated as second class citizens, they are denied equal rights, even in arenas of their lives unrelated to their jobs.

But Tanaha is fighting back. She’s going to spread the word about the unjust treatment of sex workers and you can help by supporting her documentary project, Whoremom.

We discussed her story, the film she wants to make and the larger implications for people all across the nation. Plus, her new career venture into DIY tantric training!

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