Friday Sex Links!

someoneDo guys worry about first date sex?

The vibrator alarm clock.

Dan Harmon, creator of Community, regrets comparing his career bumps to rape. Patton Oswalt starting to get it: on rape jokes.

Best sex tips from Kanye’s new album. Top 5 gender-swapped characters.

New study finds most gays and lesbians know orientation by age 18. H/t to Christina!

The HPV vaccine was introduced and infection rates dropped 50%!

WSJ article claims attempts to tackle sexual assault in military is “war on men.” NY serial rapist targeting lesbians.

Texas Republican opposes abortion because of fetal masturbation. A list of the bad science repeatedly used by anti-abortion advocates.

8 ways to not be an ally.

Wedding spat spirals out of control after bride demands to see receipt, scolds guests for inadequate gifts.father's day

Redditor successfully raise money for rapey dating advice book. Tell Kickstarter not to fund it.

TSA agent harasses teen for wearing leggings, her dad responds awesomely. H/t to Hugo! “hairy stockings” to cut down on attention from pervs. H/t to Elina!

All female jury to decide George Zimmerman’s fate.

Does a new Chinese law excuse pedophilia?

NSA Surveillance & the Male Gaze. H/t to Hugo!

Sesame Street creates Muppet whose dad is in jail.

New video enhanced ebook about kink by famous dominatrix.

Female athletes conform to gender norms on their personal websites. Do men find gender discussions too difficult to handle? When gender is removed from resumes and CVs, women do much better in job market.

women rock scienceNew campaign to show the humanity of Argentina’s sex workers

What’s the best kind of car to have sex in?

Social Security Administration makes it easier for trans people to get appropriate IDs.

Indian court rules premarital sex is equal to marriage. Bollywood superstar in trouble for finding out the gender of his not-yet-born baby.

Russia to ban adoption by same-sex couples.

Text message campaign aims to promote condom use among gay meth users.

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One thought on “Friday Sex Links!

  1. I feel bad for guys who worry about sex at all, first date or not. I am 34 and I can only see a kid in his teens worrying about that shit. Once your a grown ass man, you better know how to please a women or an elder slacked on doing his job. You are who you are, and you have what you were given, sex is great when you and whoever you are with make it work for each other. I can tell you from personal experience, worrying will only get in the way of good fucking. Sex is the best part of being an adult. I truly feel bad for absent minded people who don’t have it in their life, or are persuaded to think a certain way about it, whether bible or politics. It’s what defines the most powerful species known to man. It’s healthy on so many levels; mentally, emotionally, and physical. Get some. Everybody have some good, fun sex. Peace, Mayo

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