Friday Sex Links!

vagina businessIn defense of hooking up.

Women sometimes drink for different reasons than men, so maybe AA isn’t the best fit.

Thanks to new IVF procedures, some kids might have three parents.

Meta-analysis finds men and women value physical attractiveness and earning potential equally.

The late-night saga of Wendy Davis, #sb5 and democracy in action on an abortion bill in Texas. 10 reasons you should love Wendy Davis. Rick Perry might use executive powers to enact legislation, mansplains to Wendy Davis. Texas politician who voted to curtail abortion rights thinks that hospital rape kits are the same thing as emergency contraception.

Why do we have sex at night?

How does Vimeo define pornography: an email series.

17 years of marriage equality in pop culture, which helped shape acceptance of gays. Democrats who voted for DOMA in 1996 and then cheer its destruction in 2013.

Sex and punishment: a 4000 year history of judging desire.


The consequences of Prop 8 and DOMA Supreme Court decisions. The Court’s decision on workplace harassment, however, not so cheery.

Transgender first grader wins right to use girls’ bathroom.

Muslim women called to give sexual comfort to jihadis in Syria. Surviving WWII “comfort women” demand apology.

Women can be sexist too.

Study finds fewer filmmakers showing sex on screen.

Virgin Airlines is going to make your flight as sexy/creepy as possible with option to buy fellow traveler a drink. H/t to Justine!

Electrical zap to the brain makes you think people are more attractive.

How to draw boobies. H/t to Erica!

san fran

How does same-sex marriage change the etiquette for weddings?

Henry Cavill’s bulge and other superhero schlongs.

The basement where Josef Fritzl held his daughter as a sex slave for years is being sealed with concrete.

Silvio Berlusconi sentenced to 7 years in bunga bunga sex trial.

Tips for the mansplainers in your life.

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