Friday Sex Links!

he can do itIs it illegal for a trans person to have sex without disclosing their situation? H/t to Mary! Underwear made for and by transwomen. H/t to Rudy! Top 8 dangers with chest binding. H/t to Stripe! Gender-bending B Scott asked to tone down for BET Awards. H/t to Z! how Laverne Cox is breaking the trans glass ceiling.

Why we must overhaul rape by deception laws. H/t to Kitty!

Pictures of guys wearing their girlfriends’clothes. H/t to Ryan! When did pink and blue become a gender thing? Nibling: gender neutral term for niece/nephew. H/t to Justine!

Bestiality brothels spread in Germany. Amsterdam debates sex industry.

2 patients free of HIV after bone marrow transplant. WHO advocates for earlier HIV treatment. Is there an HIV morning-after pill?

TX abortion debate begins anew in special session, bill passes.

What’s the link between casual hookups and depression?

First green card approved for same-sex couple in US. The gayest cartoon couples. Homosexuality in Colonial Philadelphia.

Las Vegas vibrating dildo race for a good cause.

New Indian court ruling says sex immediately translates to marriage. Indian airline argues they’ll only hire thin stewardesses to save fuel.if barbie

Are men less into sex than they think? Are there taste receptors in the testicles? H/t to Brett! Taste and fertility. H/t to Geremea!

If Barbies were proportioned like regular women. The economics of slut-shaming. H/t to Heather!

The complicated business of disability and prostitution.

Video game background “accidentally” includes phone sex numbers.

Four Vanderbilt players dropped from team for sexual incident that took place in a dorm. Over 100 brutal sexual assaults on women in Tahrir Square.

d.vice3 sexual abuse lawsuits dropped against Elmo’s voice. Phillipino sex-for-fly scandal.

Why does it cost so much to give birth in America?

When you’re the one who loves less. A letter to a very sexually active teenager.

Pastors blame wildfires on abortion and women in pantsuits.

Who should star as female James Bond? The most inspiring women travelers.

LGBT Pride and Punishment. Polaroids of Fire Island in the 70s. H/t to Paul!

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