Friday Sex Links!

dump stoliBallet dancer kicked out of school for porn career. UK wifi will have porn filters as default for all users. Courtney Trouble’s newest all-female hardcore porn is out!

All my exes live in texts: why the social media generation never really breaks up. H/t to Tracy!

A guide to anti-choice concern trollingAbortion assistance for Peace Corps volunteers who are raped overseas advances in Senate.

Friend of the site Ryan Sallans is featured in this list: Everything you wanted to know about trans folk but were afraid to ask. Images from the Vigil for Justice for Diamond rally in Philadelphia.

What does having a sister have to do with the likelihood a boy will become Republican?

Virginia Johnston (of Masters and Johnston sex research fame) passes away.

Life without sex. Excellent life advice from the women of Girl Code.

Have you ever tried a menstrual cup? Check out this review.

Check out Pakistan’s Burka Avenger: a new kind of comic superheroine.

CDC warns that too many US kids are missing out on HPV vaccine.

A straight man asks how to ditch a gay friend while traveling. H/t to Erica! It’s still illegal to be gay in Belize. H/t to Brian! International Olympic committee warns Russia after draconian anti-gay law passed, Dan Savage is boycotting Russian vodkas.

USC being investigated for failure to address sexual assault on campus, told one student she hadn’t been raped because assailant hadn’t had an orgasm. 20% of nation’s “best colleges” have major rape problem.

Condom flavors ranked. H/t to Chris!anigif_enhanced-buzz-22469-1374252604-62

Same-sex couples marry in PA as counties defy state ban.

$1 coins would (hopefully) lead to bigger tips for strippers, according to John McCan. H/ to S-Man!

The Rape Joke: a serious poem. Massachusetts’ brilliant and effective plan to prevent domestic homicide. H/t to Nathan!

The gender-reversed shot-for-shot Blurred Lines video. Is gender reversing the most important meme?

You better know about Carlos Danger: Anthony Weiner in new sexy chat scandal.

Men who are circumcised feel less sensation than those with intact penises. H/t to Lynn!

New York Times quotes 3.4 men for every woman who appears in paper.

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