Friday Sex Links!

bad mouthPope says, “who am I to judge?” about gays. Today in Catholic sex abuse disclosures.

Facebook group urges you to send a dildo to Putin to protest anti-gay laws.

More than 100 teens rescued in sex trafficking ring last weekend. Female workers face harassment, rape in agriculture industry.

Woman campaigns to have Jane Austin on British currency, so naturally she receives rape threats via twitter. H/t to Melissa!

Photos from a very dapper two-butch wedding. H/t to Stripe! Rare footage of America’s “first legal gay wedding” in 1971. Two more states start recognizing legal same-sex marriages!

All hail the fathletes! “I’m a size 18 yogi and Lululemon can kiss my fat ass.”

Louisiana loses war on women who use Planned Parenthood. Surprise! The Texas Legislature is super sexist!

Myths about bisexuality. Gay teachers are LESS likely to challenge homophobia in the classroom.

PA Health Dept sues to stop county from issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

New site tracks how many females made it to the cover of the NY Times today. Violence against women in fashion continues unabated.

How do you decide when your dick is defiling versus showing love? Anthony Weiner as penis artist. New video games play with penis physics, some use your actual dick to control action. German man traveling in Spain gets stuck in sex toy, requires buzzsaw to extract him.

Are parents circumcising their sons so they can grow up to get more blow jobs? The science of penis-barb shaving.picnic supplies

Attitudes on abortion, broken down by religion, race and region. Ireland passes its first abortion law.

What does it mean to be addicted to porn?

Why are people trying to resuscitate chivalry? Is male shirtlessness a new fashion trend?

How long can you wait to have a baby? Prisons sterilize female inmates without permission… in 2013.

One Direction fans right to be irate at GQ for their shitty treatment of young female sexuality.

Australian law says images of vulvas must be airbrushed to a single crease. Baton Rouge sheriff sets up stings to bust gays for sodomy, unaware it’s not illegal anymore.

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