Friday Sex Links!

mensesSuper hung heroes: a line of superhero-inspired dildos.

How to talk to your daughter about her body.

“we think he might be a boy” – on raising a trans child. Why do some trans people have higher levels of autistic traits? H/t to Vanessa! B Scott sues BET for gender discrimination.

Bisexuals have been often been erased from history. How does a polyamorous marriage with two husbands and one wife work?

Reasons there should be a Wonder Woman movie. Mark Millar talks about rape in his comics. H/t to Andre! Big feminist “buts” comics.

Selfish reasons to be a male feminist. Thinking critically about gender norms in media. Fox and Friends is predictably dumb about gender pay gap.

Lovelace, the dramatic biopic of Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace, threatened by lawsuit.

Dogs help sniff out ovarian cancer.

Pentagon indicates that same-sex spouses will get some military benefits.

“What I learned from trying out for Playboy.

How common is crying after sex?feminist

British judge takes victim blaming to a new level, claiming 13 year old was predatory towards 41 year old. 2 arrests finally made in Rehtaeh Parsons case. The ghost rapes of Bolivia. H/t to Cindy!

More junk research claims women are designed to be gold diggers. “Fetal pain is a lie:” how phony science took over the abortion debate.

Is it safe to get it on after a heart attack?

Williamsburg Hasid community torn apart by sexual abuse scandal. How feminists will save Israel from fundamentalists.

Vibrating bicycle seat. H/t to Micah!

Is it a good idea to hook up with an ex?

Is prostitution in a recession?

Marta, the “female Pele,” looks for a fair deal for women in soccer.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Sex Links!

  1. This situation is referred to as gender dysphoria. Male-to-female transgendered people do not feel like they are
    only half-female or half person. It is challenging for gay and lesbian teens to develop
    into healthy individuals who are fully integrated
    into an emotionally supportive environment.

  2. At this point, I am only teaching CIS105, a basic required computer class.
    As Buggy was outside keeping watch, a television set came crashing out the window followed by the toaster.
    We need health care, but you best believe that bunch of moral midgets in Congress won’t be standing up to Pharma and the Insurance companies let alone the AMA very soon.

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