Friday Sex Roundup!

slutwalkAre you wasting time through online dating?

Paraphilias through time: deviants of antiquity.

Did you get your tickets for Intro to Role Play August 24th?

A letter to Jake Vale explaining rape culture. 5 ways “staying safe” costs women. Until last week, Norfolk, VA’s official police policy was to assume rape victims were lying. H/t to Grant!

Study finds no real change in hook up behavior over the decades, just a change in attitude.

How being a stripper can increase sympathy for men. H/t to Heather! Prostitution law and the death of whores. H/t to Paul!

What mainstream culture hides about women, sex and orgasms.

Real men drink regular soda! H/t to Paul!

august 24

Sisters, the only lesbian bar in Philadelphia, closes its doors. Abandoned S&M club found in dilapidated Louisville building. H/t to Michael!

There are no men in my exercise class.” 8 actresses who wrote complex female characters for themselves.

RISUG: a revolutionary reversible vasectomy that’s been in the works for decades, may actually be available soon.

Mindful sex: getting off without checking out. H/t to Kelly!

Interns pretty much S.O.L. combating sexual harassment.

The misogyny of acid attacks.

Why it’s a good thing for teens to have sex in their own rooms. Dear daughter, I hope you have awesome sex.

Oklahoma state legislature attempts to block OTC access to emergency contraception.

The Orientation Police: a comic about a gay dude who dates transmen. H/t  to Morgan!

josiah filesCalifornia Governor signs law allowing trans kids to use whatever bathroom they prefer and play on sports teams of their identified gender. H/t to Micah! Trans folk are twice as likely to enlist in the military, 20x more like to commit suicide.

Signs you are likely to cheat. Will having siblings save your marriage?

The perils of running an adult toy business.  Barbie and Ken behind the scenes. H/t to Justine!

Why banning Russia from the Olympics for their anti-gay laws is a bad idea. US athlete speaks out against Russian laws. Russian reporter comes out on air, gets fired. IOC tells gay Olympians to stay closeted while at Sochi.

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