Friday Sex Link Roundup!

flowerNJ bans orientation conversion therapy for minors.

Russian athletes kiss, but not to protest anti-gay law. Cabbie who booted lesbian couple loses license.

One thing all men feel but never admit. H/t to Jessie!

Reasons why you cheated.

Want more money? Have more sex. Problem solved. Why do some women deny their desires? H/t to Peter!

HBO’s double standard on nudity. TV shows with multiple strong female characters.

Bulldoze through barriers to sexy talk and role play. Get your tickets today to save money!august 24

How Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning’s transition is being treated by different media outlets and by idiots on twitter. How not to be a jerk when talking about the situation.

Makers of Skullgirls video game: it’s OK we’re super misogynistic, because… reasons. H/t to Dick!

Sluts, sex and sabotage: women who slutshame. What is normal sex and who determines it? The 17 year old slutshamed by the whole internet proves the double standard for females and males.

60 years ago this week Kinsey released his groundbreaking book on male sexuality.

Like the Bechdel test? You’ll love the Mako Mori test. The great feminist film that is Wolverine.

Photos that beautifully capture the feminine side of masculinity.

Does Philly’s lesbian scene have a great new hope?

glasses passes

Does your vagina need a hat? H/t to Peter! No, really, you need to read this sex toy review.

Combating abortion by suing clinics for child rape? H/t to S-Man!

Who pays for dates now?

Circumcision rates in US falling, especially in the west.

The rape of men in international conflicts. India: the story you never wanted to hear. Ready for a 6 hour anti-cat calling mixtape? The student athlete’s guide to not raping anyone.

Balancing a poly relationship? You’re probably using Google Calendar.

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