Friday Sex Link Roundup

lesbian pornHow group sex will liberate Iran and China.

Empowerment: the rapid and brilliant advances in teen pregnancy prevention.

Using math to refute the idea that women are bad at math. “The year I stopped reading men.”

Why domestic violence victims don’t leave. The Washington Post thinks teenage girls are responsible for rape.  Startling facts on female sexual aggression towards men. H/t to Peter! Man forced at gunpoint to have sex with woman.

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg officiates same-sex wedding. Marriage equality divides the Cheney family. Texas Guard refuses to process benefits for gay and lesbian spouses.

Babeland celebrates 20 years!

Study: Every man you work with thinks you want to sleep with him. “I once had a guy tell me:” a tumblr of everyday casual misogyny. First man to ever make it on the University of Nebraska Flag Line. H/t to Jordan!solidarity

A spreadsheet for your sex life? H/t to Peter! Getting it on makes us happy, but we don’t do it enough.

Hugo Schwyzer, the Porn Professor (and previous guest of Sex with Timaree) in trouble after admissions of inappropriate behavior with students.

FYI: (if you’re a parent to a teenager) and FYI (You’re Not Helping).

Why your brain sees men as people and women as body parts. 13 things men think about women but never say.

Comprehensive guide to raise funds for your gender reassignment surgeries.Is Philly the new transgender capital?

Playing the long game in sexual connections.

Polish woman plans worldwide record breaking sex marathon.

Cliteracy 101: facts about the clit you probably didn’t know. H/t to Megan!

Ariel Castro, kidnapper and rapist, dead in prison. James Franco’s shitty rape joke.

Fantasy and sci fi characters pose as Rosie the Riveter for Labor Day.


Fox medical contributor says women should pay more for healthcare, claims this was a compliment.

What are Dickwolves? H/t to Dan! Street harassment: it’s ok to feel angry. Revenge porn law in CA may pave the way for the rest of the nation.

Why do people think Macklemore is the first rapper to support LGBT rights

Every hour, a woman in India is killed because of dowry disputes. Do Indian men have the least sex?

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