Friday Sex Links!

whore cupPossibly the most disturbing ad campaign ever?

The Pickup Artist who lauds his sperm as “liquid gold.” Estrogen is more important to male sex drive than previously thought.

Is sex without condoms the new engagement ring?

NYT profiles the relationship of two men who’ve been together nearly 60 years.

Daughter twerks at junior high dance, as punishment parents make her hold shaming sign about it.

3rd porn actor diagnosed with HIV, LA porn industry faces indefinite shutdown. If Truvada can prevent HIV, why are so few gay men taking it?

Vatican Secretary of State hints to possibility that clerical celibacy could be revisited.

Quotes about manliness.

The quest for cliteracy in a world obsessed with the g spot.


Brian Burke, of USA Men’s Olympic Hockey, writes a letter about homophobia in Russia.

UK department store uses real people, with a real diversity of bodies to model clothes.

4 men convicted of vicious gang rape and murder of woman in India. Almost a quarter of men admit to rape in parts of Asia.

Dudes on Reddit turn gym shorts into cute, form-fitting dresses. Gender neutral kids’ clothing line. Tumblr: dudes taking up too much room on the train.

As an experiment 2 friends with different relationship issues tried dating each other for 40 days.

What it’s like dating as a femme lesbian.

8 year-old Yemeni child bride dies at hands of 40 year-old husband on wedding night. Inside America’s underground market for child adoption.

Shockingly irresponsible fitspiration photos and ideas.


Weird fundamentalist Christian conspiracy theories about sex.

Why is DC Comics being so douchey? Beyond TitStare: 8 other tech events that were super awkward for women. In reversal, male cosplayers get asked if they’re real geeks.

Marriage advice I wish I would have had,” “I didn’t love my wife when we got married.”

Second sexism is victim envy: it’s possible to see men suffering without blaming it on feminism. Author Hanna Rosin says patriarchy is dead.

Hat tips to Teal, Jen, Carrie, Peter, Micah, Carina, Lydia, Ren & Scott!

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