Friday Sex Links!

sexy and racy Public masturbation is legal in Sweden, as long as you’re not targeting a specific person.

Stages of breakup grief.

The social and legal arguments for legal female toplessness. Comparing male and female Halloween costumes.

Laverne Cox and Janet Mock talk about the stigma of dating transwomen. Chelsea Manning has the dubious distinction of being the first out transwoman in military prison.

Hot 97’s Mr Cee opens up about his attractions, teams up with AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Body language and gender. Is the Genderbread Person a work of plagiarism?

10 things everyone should learn in sex ed. Playboy gets pranked: artists make anti-rape party guide that goes viral.

France may ban beauty pageants for young girls. Gendercide in the Caucasus.

“What I learned as a porn tagger.” Examining the shitty user interface of the sex teleportation device in Logan’s Run.fast and

Pope Francis says Church cannot only focus on abortion and gay marriage.  Christine Quinn’s run for mayor of New York spurs conversations about gender and sexuality in politics. OK Governor blocks benefits for military partners in same-sex couples.

Facebook apologizes for dating ad featuring Rehtaeh Parsons, who committed suicide after being gang raped and cyber-bullied. Traits of female stalkers.

Are you just a booty call? 10 everyday things that can save a relationship. Sex advice from a sage 98year old.

Fort Bragg soldier and wife busted for filming porn with dogs.

State of Michigan says it has the right to regulate sexual relationships.

rapist was wearingMiss America and the Indian beauty myth.

Trimester Bodies Project: fighting unrealistic standard for pregnant and post-partum women. Sexuality post-partum.

10 songs whose sexual politics are more disturbing than Blurred Lines. JD Salinger’s exploitation of young women.

Looking back on a childhood sexual relationship with an adult. Was sex with children ever OK? Group sues over laws mandating sex offenders put signs on their door on Halloween.

Convicted Steubenville rapist appeals sex offender classification. PA says “no more!” to domestic violence.

H/t to Leah, Michal, Ashtad, Justine, Vitaly & Nick!

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