Friday Sex Links!

ejaculationSupreme Court to review contraceptive mandate in Obamacare. How does the ACA affect contraceptive coverage?

Dan Savage on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast.

Woman blogs about having to make 300 sandwiches to get her boyfriend to propose, internet responds with #300feministsandwiches.

UN reports 1/3 drop in HIV infection rate since 2001. Tristan Taormino mandates condom use in her porn productions.

Advice about marriage from divorced people.

PA’s naked haunted house.

You know that Austin guy who has totally delusional expectations for a girlfriend? He moved to Austin after he got in legal trouble for beating his last girlfriend.

A judge ruled that while straight spouses can’t be compelled to testify against each other, same-sex partners can. Salvation Army feels the heat for anti-LGBT stance. Lawsuit to have same-sex widows/widowers recognized on death certificates.

Couples to have sex “in front of”(shielded from view in a soundproof room) a live audience for new Sex Box show.uterus

Want a subscription for sex toys? Man pleads guilty to sex with a  pool raft in public… again.

Pope Francis excommunicates priest who advocates women’s ordination and gays. What does Pope Francis know about gay priests? Nigerian student thinks he’ll win a Nobel Prize for his “scientific study” of why homosexuality is wrong.

Male survivors of sexual assault speak out. LA’s serial rapist targeting women at massage parlors. Reporter Amanda Lindhout survives months of torture and gang rape only to be faced with blame and abuse upon her return home, symbolizing the global problem of rape.

Misandry wasn’t a thing before 2010: Gender politics and their words. British lawmaker quits party after getting grief for calling female activists sluts.

Check out the Cabbages and Condoms restaurant in Bangkok- their food  is guaranteed not to get you pregnant.

bisexuality day 2013September 23rd is Bisexuality Day!

America’s forgotten history of female circumcision.

Wing Ma’am, a new app for lesbian networking.

What happens to kids when they’re rescued from sex trafficking? Swedish bar bans Asian women from entering, it claims it’s to reduce sex trafficking.

How the brain and vagina conspire in consciousness. Tumblr that critiques your dick pics.

Vagina accessories are having a hell of a week. Non-model guys compared to underwear ads.

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Hat tips to Josh, Kristin, Cynthia, Chelsea, Lynn, Jim, Melanie!

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